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Quentin Quire: Kid Omega
Radical pro-mutant activist. Threat to public security. Ex-Student of Charles Xavier

"an Omega level mutant possessing advanced cognitive and telepathic abilities that enable him to organize and construct his thoughts at accelerated rates, overtly or covertly manipulate the minds of others, resist mind probes, and disable other forms of psychic manipulation. His level of psychic influence on others depends on the number of individuals he wishes to affect—his influence is strongest among fewer individuals and subtler in large numbers of people. Xavier explains that Quentin's psychic powers are "deep, subtle and he's able to influence minds around him." Emma Frost also states that his mind processes several thousand "brilliant" thoughts a second. Quire can generate massive amounts of telekinetic energy which most often manifests in the form of tentacles, gives him some regenerative capabilities and the ability to fly at supersonic speed." -wiki

Quire is a dangerous extremist for his cause. He believes the future and the world belong to his people and intends to see mutants inherit the earth. His personality is nothing short of off putting as much to other mutants as to humans, but despite his unlikable, aggressive and entitled nature he can be very persuasive.

mun & muse legal age.

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